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Biographical Profile of Enrique de la Barrera

Name: Enrique Javier de la Barrera

Date and place of birth: November 30, 1950 in Valparaiso, Chile

Nicknames: Quequo; Henry; Maestro (by Marie-Claire Desroches)

Prototype: The Spanish Inquisition; A pimple on a Jesuit's behind; an uneasy blend of Don Quixote and Don Juan.

Quote: "A criminal, Captain... a product of late twentieth century social engineering!" -- Adapted from Chekov, Wrath of Khan

Background: Son of an engineer in upper-middle class family in Chile. Estranged from his father, David, who died in 1991. Mother died circa 1964 and Enrique had an intensely grief-stricken and violent mourning and had to be sedated by doctors present. Educated at private British Jesuit schools in Chile, where they sang "God Save the Queen" every morning before Enrique was expelled from class.

Family: Married Dina (pregnant) circa 1970; she subsequently divorced Enrique soon after arriving in Canada with their three children, Paola, Marianella and Francisco. In 1984, Enrique abandoned all three children in Toronto so he could work for the Movement in Montreal! Owing to Enrique's estrangement, his children relied on their step-Dad George for a stable father figure. Enrique is currently linked to Dr. Nathalie Alos.

Occupation: Biomedical Engineer at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital in Longueuil, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal. Previously a Mechanical Engineer trained at the Catholic University of Valparaiso. French profile is available here.

Bad qualities:

  • Sophist and master-manipulator
  • a liar who misrepresents himself and his Movement
  • haughty, arrogant, pompous and egocentric
  • rabid anti-Jewish hatred
  • racist to all immigrants
  • unresolved Messianic complex
  • expects people to believe he was raised in the Andes by Spanish-speaking jackals
  • absent father, philanderer
  • feigned omniscience
  • suffers from the delusion of being a medical doctor
  • disrespectful of personal boundaries, nosy and prying
  • upper class twit
  • clings to prestigious symbols, status and knowledge
  • supercilious and derisive to other Hispanics who are not Chilean
  • incoherent, overly complicated mental masturbation
  • pervert, closeted homosexual, voyeur
  • intellectual fraud and esoteric pseudo-scientist
  • antinomian
  • violent
  • laughs alone at his own jokes
  • Narcissistic personality disorder
  • sexual harasser of both women and men
  • unresolvable and acute Oedipus complex
  • speaks French like a Spanish cow
  • phoney alchemist and failed magician
  • In all respects, a thoroughly ugly excuse for a human being with reprehensible, despicable and immoral behaviour

Bad trips:

  • The time Enrique claims to have murdered his brother Miguel to gain his mother's affections.
  • The time his wife divorced him promptly after moving to Canada!
  • The times Enrique's son Francisco asked if Enrique would take him to a ball game, but Enrique refused.
  • Every time Enrique missed his obligation of being a father to his son and two daughters.
  • When Enrique was detained and questioned by the Montreal Police for plastering Movement posters all over public places; he was left trembling.

Sexual partners/victims: Enrique has an international reputation in the Movement for being a sexual harasser of women, a skirt-chaser who sleeps with every woman available. Women keep a list of men who go wild at Movement events and Enrique figures prominently at or near the top of their list. Known sexual partners include Marie-Claire Desroches, Ann Farrell, Dina de la Barrera, Jane the British lady, Lise Lamarche, Mona Chaussee, Brenda Lee, Jody Nassr, Trudy Caisse, Laura MacFadgen, Nathalie Alos.

Movement experience: Pre-1975 experience in Chile included ideological training camp with Silo; failed to build teams in Toronto 1975-1984; failed in Montreal since 1984. Supported Marie-Claire Desroches' run for Mayor of Montreal in 1986; one term as Official Rep. of Humanist Party of Quebec. Team delegate of 1-Xi Phoenix, veteran of many campaigns and recycled Siloist propaganda.

Recruited: Joined Movement in Chile September 21, 1972.

Photo of Enrique de la Barrera
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