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Biographical Profile of Marie-Claire Desroches

Name: Marie Ginette Brigitte Claire Desroches (Marie-Claire)

Date and place of birth: Thursday, March 13, 1958 in Laval, Quebec , Canada (Parish of Laval-des-Rapides)

Nicknames: Marie-Plotte, Marie-Saloppe, Marie-Putaine, Marie-Succube, Marie-Sombre, Marie-Vaginette, Marie-Noirceur, Marie-Pertes, Marie-Chienne-Salle, Marie-Vaginite, Marie-Roche Desplottes, Marie-Obscure, Marie-Crottes, Marie-des-Roches-dans-le-cul.

Prototype: The Council Slut; Sluttis Maximus Femina; the love child of Margaret Thatcher and "Rocket" Richard; Kathy Bates' character "Annie Wilkes" in "Misery".

Quote: "Insults are effective only where emotion is present." --Spock

Background: Pure wool French-Canadian from an upper middle-class family on Giroux Street in Laval. Has 3 sisters and 3 brothers; mother Raymonde born in Ontario, father Maurice was a landscape planner whose ancestors came from the Laurentians in Quebec.

Family: Partnered with veteran Sandinista and torture survivor Victor Riquelme from May 1, 1985 until 1990. Daughter Tania born out of wedlock as a result of union on March 2, 1987. Tania's Russian name was inspired by then-Siloist Tom Holzinger, who gave his son the name Misha. Marie-Claire never married. Three permanent (i.e. maximum 5 years) boyfriend/victims since 1992 including her latest victim, Marc-Andre Lacroix.

Occupation: Mostly secretarial jobs from 1974 until 1992, when she increasingly moved towards Human Resources to better control and exploit people. Last known to be a manager at Home Depot of Canada, in Laval. DEC from Rosemont College in Landscaping.

Bad qualities: Liar, phoney, racist, anti-Jewish, hypocrite, manipulatrix, tense, nervous, irritable, short-tempered, tempestuous, Big Ball of Bitch, feminazi, communist, conservative, incoherent, chameleon, rapist, kidnapper, abuser of men, unfit mother, smoker.

Bad trips:

  • miscarried fetus in 1990
  • aborted fetus in 1984 and another abortion pre-1984
  • degraded and dehumanized sexuality with countless partners
  • cult member and cult leader
  • heavy drug abuse in 1970s and 1980s
  • liberated sexuality and nudity festival in Quebec woods, 1981, included wild garlic plants
  • frequent vaginal drippings and vaginal infections which she blamed on men
  • Enrique's guinea pig for experiments in his biomedical lab
  • severe depression in 1990-91, following her separation from Victor Riquelme
  • that time she dragged her sister Johane Desroches into the cult only to be rejected by Johane
  • the time she recycled her ex-partner Victor Riquelme onto Suzanne Lefebvre to serve as surrogate father for Suzanne's child once the sperm donor (whom Marie-Claire had arranged to supply for Suzanne) was exploited and discarded by Suzanne.

Sexual partners/victims:

  • By her own admission, none of her sexual partners ever consented to be with her, thus they were all victims, including but not limited to :
  • Frederick Aaron, whom she sexually assaulted from May 10, 1991- September 8, 1991
  • Matt Albrecht, whose penis Marie-Claire fondled while returning from a Movement meeting in France, 1990
  • Javier Penna, circa 1985
  • Vincent Daneker, January 1991
  • Enrique de la Barerra, circa 1984-85
  • Victor Riquelme, May1, 1985-1990
  • her boyfriend "Henri"
  • male student body at Rosemont College
  • males in the Communist Party where she was a member along with Gilles Duceppe [!]
  • many previous unwilling boyfriends
  • young men during summer planting season in British Columbia
  • men she picked up while whoring in Madrid, Spain or Mexico City
  • young Laval men in the 1970s including at the "Recreatheque"
  • young boyfriend who demolished her grandmother's kitchen
  • young men from Montreal bars, 1976-present
  • "sticky boys" she found lying on the beach in Varadero Cuba
  • men found on trips to France
  • the "new boyfriend" she had in late 1990s when she got a new red car
  • many innocent men left wounded everywhere she went

Movement experience: Ran for Mayor of Montreal under Humanist Party banner in 1986; twice named official spokesperson for Humanist Party of Quebec; named spokesperson for Humanist Movement throughout French-speaking Canada. Team Delegate in the Movement (first Orientation, later Administration), participated in Green Future, The Community, numerous pseudo-community newspapers and various recycled "organisms" since 1992. Right hand woman, Executive Secretary, Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer to Daniel Zuckerbrot (within the Canadian structure) since the 1980s.

Recruited: By Colette Renaud, in 1981. Joined officially on February 1, 1983.

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