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Biographical Profile of Ann Farrell

Name: Ann Farrell

Date and place of birth: January 27, 1964 in Abitibi, Quebec

Nicknames: Ladybug, Tête d'Irlandaise

Prototype: "Révolutionnaire de Salon"

Quote: "...dans ton pays?" (Farrell asks " your country?" instead of naming the country.)

Background: Despite the Anglo-Irish name of one of her father's ancestors, is French-speaking of old stock Canadian heritage.

Family: Never married. Sister Patricia.

Occupation: Computer technician.

Bad qualities:

  • Wacky Left politics
  • promiscuous
  • man-hating feminist
  • racist and intolerant against people from any country
  • virulent anti-Jewish hatred
  • right-left confusion (agnosia)
  • naive and lacking of cultural sophistication
  • Quebec separatist
  • ignorant of history and geography
  • irritating high-pitched cyclical laugh, like a hyena whose genitals have just been slammed in a car door while watching a particularly funny movie

Bad trips: Ann does violence to others, not they to her.

Sexual partners/victims:

  • Javier Penna
  • Roger Gingras
  • Enrique de la Barrera
  • most recycled boyfriends from Marie-Claire Desroches
  • an Iranian named "Sharon", 1992
  • boys she picked up in St. Denis Street bars and in Abitibi
  • that weird Rasta guy she hangs out with on Mount-Royal Avenue
  • her latest "tchum"

Movement experience: Twenty-five years. Official agent for Marie-Claire Desroche's mayoralty campaign. Farrell herself ran for under Humanist banner in Quebec elections and Montreal municipal elections.

Recruited: By Marie-Claire Desroches, at a women's conference in 1982.

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