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Biographical Profile of Peter Jantzi

Name: Peter Jantzi

Date and place of birth: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Nicknames: Frogface

Prototype: The Unwashed Mennonite

Quote: "Star Trek? That sounds like a cult to me!"

Background: From German-Canadian stock and Mennonite townships in Southern Ontario.

Family: Peter's wife hates Latinos, which produced bizarre contradictions and made life difficult in the Movement.

Occupation: Worked for "Project Lift", a transportation project in Kitchener-Waterloo, with Ed Halbach.

Bad qualities: Poor personal hygiene, abusive, unkempt, pushy, manipulator, prying personal questions.

Bad trips: The time he spurned his family and Mennonite community to join a South American cult!

Sexual partners/victims: The young people of Ontario were harmed by Peter's liberated sexuality.

Movement experience: Thirty years. Team delegate and veteran of many campaigns.

Recruited: By Ed Halbach circa 1976

Peter Jantzi (left) and 2 friends protesting
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