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Biographical Profile of Colette Renaud

Name: Colette Renaud

Date and place of birth: Laval, Quebec, Canada in 1957.

Nicknames: La Nervosa

Prototype: "Poutinette"

Quote: "Hein!"

Background: Presumably from a low-class French-Canadian family in Laval, Quebec. Best friend of Marie-Claire Desroches.

Family: Sister Johane (la hermana de la nervosa) was also a Siloist in 1980s and dropped out to become a lawyer. Colette never married.

Occupation: Secretarial work involving good knowledge of French.

Bad qualities: Aggressive, nervous, chain smoker, deluded, high strung, fidgety. Has the irritating habit of punctuating the start of every sentence with her high-pitched nasal "Hein!"

Bad trips: Colette had a nervous breakdown in the early 1990s, as reported by Lisa Lowenger.

Sexual partners/victims: David Roberts, Denis Roy.

Movement experience: Leader of Quebec Humanist Party, candidate in Quebec elections. Team delegate and veteran of many organisms and campaigns.

Recruited: By Salvador in a Montreal bar, in 1979.

Photo of Colette Renaud
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