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This section offers supporting documents which, taken together, are too lengthy to include in Lies My Guru Told Me. Acting as a companion to the book, the evidence gives a richer and more detailed understanding of the Siloists' operations. Much complementary information is given about Marie-Claire Desroches and Enrique de la Barrera. A distinction will be made to highlight core evidence that shows the responsibility of the Siloists for their own actions, in addition to collateral evidence.

The extent of Frederick's evidence includes 1 metre of textual records and 2.5 Gigabytes of electronic information. To date, Frederick has scanned much of the textual records and is working to scan the remainder which include photographs, government documents, electoral histories, personal letters, Council Xi internal materials, Movement publications, flyers, posters, and entire books. The electronic information also includes audio recordings, video recordings, internal Siloist memoranda, handbooks, manuals, critical periodical literature, posters and more.

Frederick is still researching and collecting new evidence and is interested in receiving any information you may have about the Movement's activities, especially as it pertains to Canada or to Marie-Claire Desroches and Enrique de la Barrera.

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