The Companion Web Site to the 'Lies My Guru Told Me' book

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this web site all about?

A. This a web site where former members of the Silo cult can get information and resources to help them in their recovery. The site also serves to alert the public about the dangers of cults in general and Siloism in particular.

Q. Who owns and operates Where is it based?

A. is privately owned and operated by a consortium of former Siloists, dispersed around the world.  It is based at its home office in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Q. How is this web site funded?

A. The web site is funded by private benefactors and from donations through the Frederick Fund.

Q. What is Frederick's role in the web site?

A. Frederick is a contributing editor who has donated his time, his valuable information and skills to this common project.

Q. Who are the other ex-siloists involved in the consortium?

A. They wish to remain anonymous for the time being.

Q. Who does the technical work on the web site?

A. As with all web sites, the webmaster, of course.

Q. Who can contribute information to the site and how?

A. Anybody can contribute articles, poetry, testimonials, first person narratives or just information about Siloism to the web site. We prefer critical articles and ex-member testimony. Siloists can make submissions if they are not abusive.

Q. Who assumes the legal and intellectual responsibility for the content of, its logos, licensing and industrial design?

A. itself is responsible for all its intellectual content, including all articles, information, photographs and graphical images published on its server, for which it absolves the individual authors of any and all responsibility.

Q. When is Frederick's book coming out?

A. Frederick is working on shortening the manuscript now in preparation of copy editing and content editing. Frederick hopes "Lies My Guru Told Me" will be published soon.

Q. What is Frederick's real name? Is Frederick related to Fred Grandy of 'Love Boat', or Fred McGriff of Major League Baseball, or Senator Fred Thompson? If we guess right, will you tell us?

A. Frederick uses a literary pseudonym to publish his information. This is a very common practice in learned circles that is even used by Silo himself. No, Frederick is not related to any of the Freds you named, and if we can anticipate your next question, Frederick is not related to Fred Astaire, nor Frederick the Great, nor Hank Aaron of Major League Baseball, nor Freddie Prince, nor Freddie Mercury, nor Fred Rogers. No, we will not tell you if you guess right, however, to stimulate your curiosity and amuse your mind, here is a list of famous Fredericks to consider:

Q. Have there ever been criminal complaints against the Movement? Any convictions? Has Siloism been linked to terrorism?

A. Yes, Frederick made a criminal complaint about the Movement to the police in Canada. Other police forces have also received information about the Siloists and Information Services have kept files on the Siloists on various continents.

Q. Do you ever get angry, harassing or threatening letters from current Siloists? 

A. In this business, if you don't get hate mail, you're not agitating hard enough. Yes, we have had strange mail from Chicago to Sweden to Canada, which we suspect is from current Siloists. 

Q. What role do former Siloists play in the web site? How can I get involved?

A. A central role of substantial importance is reserved for former Siloists, whose experience constitutes the primary reason for this site's existence. We are doing our best to branch out in French and Spanish and to publish more testimonials. If you are a former Siloist and would like to get involved, contact us at out e-mail address.

Q. You have published some interesting articles. Where do you get your information?

A. Much information was acquired from collections in private documentation centres in Canada, France, Germany, the United States and former members in those countries, who sent photocopies. Other information was acquired from books in libraries, periodicals and Internet sources, which we attribute whenever possible.

Q. Do you think Silo knows he's in a cult? What about the other Siloists--do they know the harm they do to others?

A. That is a perpetual question that people ask.  Your guess is as good as ours. There was a German philosopher who spoke about the three levels of evil: first, there are people who know they are evil and enjoy harming others; next, people who know they are doing evil to others but can't stop themselves; the lowest level are people who do harm to others without knowing it is evil. Until governments and the legal system get involved, we must be vigilant in gathering information and documenting events done by these Siloist cult members.

Q. Is Siloism one of the worst cults in the world?

A. Not really. It is one of many hundreds if not thousands of cults, but it is very dogmatic in its fanaticism and indoctrination techniques, but there are other cults that are more violent, for example. Silo's Movement is what it is, however, and for what it's worth, it has hurt many people around the world and deserves to be exposed.

Q. Where are the Siloists or the Movement most active in the world?

A. After Argentina, the Movement spread to Chile and around the Hispanic world in the 1970s. From there, it branched out to Western Europe, with smaller groups in North America, India, and wherever Silo's private jet would carry him. The 1990s brought expansion into Russia and Eastern Europe. Wherever they go, Siloists can be recognized for their three finger salute using the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger, all held aloft; a deceptively friendly approach given by enthusiastic young people; hyper sexuality and blurred personal boundaries; invitations to answer a survey or have a chat over a coffee; use of the colour orange and lofty banners; generic and naive leftist platitudes tinted with anti-Western cynicism; esoteric and partially obscured fears of the doomsday.

Q. Where did the Movement start and when?

A. The official story has the Movement starting on May 4th, 1969 at Mount Aconcagua, Argentina, directly across from the Aconcagua valley, in Chile. The founder was Mario Luis Rodriguez Cobos, (pen name Silo) a native of Mendoza, Argentina. Rodriguez-Cobos had previous antecedents with "study groups" forming around him as early as 1962. A biography of Silo will follow soon.

Q. When can we get to see some of the movies and stuff you promised?

A. It's coming! Please be patient. Some are available now in the biographies.

Q. Have Siloists infiltrated the government? How much influence do they have?

A. You ask very good questions! Siloists have influence over governments through "Superstar Spokesmen" whom they recruit to do their bidding. Personalities from Mikhail Gorbachev to Andre Boisclair have been recruited by the Movement, but it is not obvious that the Movement has been completely honest in representing themselves. They were also part of a coalition government in Chile from 1990-1994.

Q. What are the aims of Silo's Movement? Are they dangerous?

A. The aims are hard to discern because they never accomplish anything other than self-promotion, recruiting new members and raking in money for Silo. Those seem to be the aims.