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Happy New Year 2007!

The New Year promises to be a great one for international activism against Silo's "fake humanist" cult! This web site promises to become a multilingual clearinghouse of information debunking Silo's myriad lies as told through his many organisms, facades and pointless campaigns. Last year, I was extremely proud to bring out with the help of good friends and allies. From its inception in June, to the end of 2006, we had over 9 000 visitors who visited over 27 000 pages. People around the world are interested in learning more about the harmful cult of Siloism, and with good reason!

My plans for 2007 are ambitious and stimulating: a Spanish language page and a French language page will be offered this year. I am scanning up a storm from my private collection of critical materials about Siloism and will publish them in expository articles about the Green Future, The Community, The Humanist Party and the Humanist Movement, giving much greater understanding of events in Canada. In addition to still images, we are also setting up a service to view movies about Siloism and listen to audio files. will become a digital library of information about the Silo cult. All former members and those critical of Siloism are welcome to submit articles, reviews, letters, essays and biographies.

In 2007, I continue my search for justice after having endured Marie-Claire Desroches and Enrique de la Barrera. To further my goals, existing web pages will be enhanced, more biographical information will come out along with other surprises. Soon, a fund will be set up -- The Frederick Fund -- that will permit you to support me in my quest to pursue legal action while I also seek closure and psychological healing. I derive great pleasure from doing this important work and feel great liberating sustenance in writing articles and books about Siloism and sharing this information with you, gentle reader. The book project continues and I will give updates about its progress when available.

I hope you have a great and healthy year, filled with your greatest dreams. Hang on tight, 2007 will take you for a ride!

Un Feliz Y Próspero Año Nuevo 2007. Bonne Année 2007.

Frederick Aaron

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