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Your host, Frederick Aaron, offers information and resources to people impacted by Silo’s cult, also known as “Humanist Movement”, "Humanist Party", "The Community", "World Without War", "Green Future", "Silo's Message", "Centre for Cultures", or simply "The Movement".

In his forthcoming memoir, Lies My Guru Told Me, ex-Siloist Frederick tells his own story and describes the events of May 10, 1991, when Marie-Claire Desroches kidnapped, sequestered and sexually assaulted Frederick, a young man under her supervision in Montreal. Desroches acted with the permission and advance knowledge of her male accomplice, Enrique de la Barrera, as part of a sexual initiation ritual. Both were long-standing "Team Delegate" supervisors in the Movement who abused their positions of power and trust to obscure their actions and protect their reputations.

Fifteen years later, Frederick launches this web site to reveal the truth about Siloism, its evil leaders, its abusive mind games, its dehumanized sexuality and more...

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