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Siloism in Canada

Siloist activity in Canada can be traced back to the mid-1970s in Ontario and to the late 1970s in Quebec. Canadian Siloists tell the story of how then 21-year old Daniel Zuckerbrot was travelling across Canada when he met a shirtless Victor Nebrida, fell in love with Siloism and joined in immediately. Indeed, Zuckerbrot rose quickly in the structure and eventually became Silo's number one man in Canada, directing the entire Canadian structure for Silo. In addition to Zuckerbrot, Siloist roots in Canada were laid largely by Enrique de la Barrera, Jorge and Nancy Van Schouwen, Marie-Claire Desroches, Colette Renaud, Salvador, the late Ed Halbach, Peter Jantzi, Ann Farrell, Javier Penna and a host of lesser figures such as Tayo Jara and Sylvie Lepage, Roberto Verdecchia, Matt Albrecht and Laura Whelton.

By 1989, the Siloists configured a Council of their own within the Movement's structure--Council Xi was the first for Canada and also included David Roberts and Victor Nebrida, both in California. By August 1989, the Siloists discarded the Humanist Party of Quebec, which they had used as a facade since 1984 only to embark on a short-lived deception with the Green Future. The early 1990s saw growth of Council Xi to about 150 members (mostly in Canada) and the promotion of Zuckerbrot to General Delegate. Sustainability was unattainable, however, and the structure in Canada collapsed by the late 1990s. Despite repeated attempts at phoney neighborhood newspapers, Zuckerbrot lost his status and his Team Delegates reverted to the condition of Group Delegates.

Bad public relations from numerous complaints of sexual misconduct on the part of Marie-Claire Desroches and Enrique de la Barrera could not have helped. Indeed, nearly all the senior Siloists in Council Xi had sex with each other at one time or another. The Siloists were obsessed with sex and seized every opportunity to harass their new recruits, to coax and vex their members for sex and to engage in dehumanized sexual relations with each other. Over the years, de la Barrera slept with Desroches. Desroches slept with Javier Penna. Penna slept with Ann Farrell, who slept with Enrique. Colette Renaud slept with Denis Roy and before him, David Roberts from California. Laura Whelton and Matt Albrecht slept with each other and with nearly everyone else in Canada. For the experienced Siloist, sexual opportunism was around every corner and their participation in the Movement would not have been as active if not for their voracious sexual appetites. Persons who did not participate or play the "sexual game" were branded as "gay", "maricon", "lumpen", or other disrespectful expressions. No Team Delegate in Council Xi ever kept their position for more than 6 months without having sex with at least one other Movement member, often including their subordinates.

Since 2000, structures were still in existence in Toronto, Kitchener and Montreal, though on a much reduced scale. Siloism is a failure in Canada. The Montreal structure was sold to representatives from the Rastafari and Anarchist movements. While Siloists persist in tiny numbers across Canada, they leave in their wake many shattered lives and victims of both sexual and spiritual abuse.





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